2010. február 18., csütörtök

Earn money with Uploaded.to special offer

- 20.00 EUR TDP* for worldwide traffic with files, which are greater than 200MB
- 5.00 EUR TDP* for worldwide traffic with files, which are smaller than 200MB
- 3.00 EUR for every advertised new premium customer
- 1.00 EUR for every further order of your so far advertised premium customers
- Convert 1-month premium termtime against 10.000 collected points
* TDP stands for Thousand Download Price and the compensation takes place in case of completed downloads (min. file size 3MB).

The following terms should be noted at this:

- Solely downloads from unregistered users will be rewarded
- The evaluation only takes place in case of completed downloads and the min. file size amounts to 3 MB
- The reward of downloads take place impartial of the origin of the downloader (worldwide!)
- The evaluation per downloader is only possible once within 24 hours
- Advertised premium customers will be determined through cookies
- Outpayments will be performed via PayPal, Webmoney and wire transfer
- No hidden costs / No subscriptions / Free attendance
- Minimum outpayment amount 20 EUR
- Withdrawal time from 48 hours

You can remote upload files from filefactory, megaupload, http, ftp.

This is the highest payment among filehosting sites which don't require filling out surveys from the downloaders.

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2010. január 2., szombat

New Hostgator Coupon code for 2010

If you need hosting for your sites I suggest trying out Hostgator. Worked well for me so far, I use it to my other sites. HostGator has some of the best Web Hosting Offers on the Internet with coupon codes because they are one of the best hosting companies. Over the years HostGator has become one of the larger hosting companies around the world. They offer great web hosting deals with discount coupon codes. HostGator understands what a customer needs, wants and demands from a web host and they fulfill their needs.

2009. december 30., szerda

Here are 10 methods for Sharecash

If you have no idea how to make money with Sharecash, the filehosting service that pays most, then Download the 10 Sharecash methods.

2009. december 27., vasárnap

I give you 10 tested and working money making guides

At least they worked for me. They are different, like using Twitter, Youtube, Blogging, E-whoring, Yahoo answers and more.

Download it here

2009. augusztus 26., szerda

Use STORAGE.TO and earn money uploading your files

10 USD for 1000 US Downloads
10 USD for 1000 EU Downloads
5 USD for 1000 RU Downloads
5 USD for 1000 Eastern Downloads

* Pay-out via Paypal.
* 10% bonus for referred affiliate partners.
* Pay-out within 3 work days after a request.
* Backup of your files and FTP + remote upload.

US Downloads are downloads from the following countries: United States, Canada.

EU Downloads are downloads from the following countries: Norway, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany, Latvia, Estonia, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenian, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Rumania, Liechtenstein.

RU Downloads are downloads from the following countries: Russia,

Eastern Downloads are downloads from the following countries: Turkey, United Arab Emirates, India.

The file size must at least 90MB. Smaller files wil not be counted.

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2009. március 26., csütörtök

A new step forward: DominateIM

So guys, I always seeking ways to improve, and make more money. Now I reached a point where, I need a big change, need some new information, and impressions to be able to improve.
So I decided to try out internet marketing. I've been reading about it for a month. And I've found a site that I think contains a lot of useful money making info from pros. But it's not free. 97$ for a month, but they give your money back in 7 days if you want it. So basically it's free for a week. :D
I decided to try it out. I earn this money in uploading and sharecash in a week and there's a refund too. The site is http://dominateim.com. Try out if you want. I'm starting, and so excited to reach to a new level of money making.

2009. március 16., hétfő

New uploading payment proof

I've received 61$ from uploading.com

Sharecash and hyperlinkcash payments are on the way.

Linkbucks adds new Features and Fixes Bugs

Rate increase for popups

Finally Linkbucks has changed its Popup paying style. From now on, you will be paid for your popup ads only if the clicker has a successful popup. That means no Adblock Plus/Pop up blocker and stuff like that.

Moreover, Linkbucks has increased the paying rate for popups atleast by 25% so as to compensate members for this, who may start losing revenue for having popup ads.

Link Editing and Deleting

This one has been asked for a long time and so Linkbucks has finally answered! You can now edit or delete any link in your account. This includes a mass delete feature for both links inside galleries and on the manage links page. Changes made to links will be reflected immediately as well.

Improved Performance in Manage Links

Linkbucks overhauled the manage links backend to increase performance. Anyone having more then several hundred links will see a vast improvement in performance. This change will make it much easier to manage your account, especially if you have thousands of links.

Full Page Script Updated

This system has been updated to use much more friendly urls when redirecting users. This change will also fix any malformed links coming into the system which caused problems in the past. It should now be able to take in any urls without issue.

SharedImages Tool - Now Upload files with ease!

Download SharedImages Uploader version: 200903131313

Program can be downloaded from this page only. I'm not going to leave the other. Please read the agreement before load the application.

Benefits and limitations of the program.

» Facilitates the uploading of images into www.sharedimages.org.
» Supported only: JPG, JPEG.

Before use this program, Please intall this:
» Microsoft .NET Framework Version 2.0 (Download)

Hardware and OS performance require.

» OS: Windows XP/2003.
» CPU Speed: 1GHz or more.
» Free Ram: 50MB or more.
» Monitor: 1024*786 (Recommend.)


1. This program is not related to the www.sharedimages.org.
2. If the www.sharedimages.org are announce DO NOT use this program helps to upload image and you continue to use then cause your sharedimages.org's account are disable, We are not responsible for any total.


Credit goes to P.J.

Uploading.com - March JUMBO Offer! $15/1000 downloads !

Started on March 5th, Uploading.com pays you 15$ / 1000 downloads from US/CA. That's like whooping 150% earning!! Awesome new Event For March. Get uploading now !!

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2009. március 1., vasárnap

Easy Method to Beat the Online Roulette and Make Mad Money!!!

It's a little different method then the rest but works. I found it a few weeks ago during surfing. I don't wanna write pages about, instead share with you. Download the free ebook and see for your self.


2009. február 24., kedd

Use Youtube and other streaming video sites!

Youtube has 120+ million registered users, plus the non registered users.
So it's worth using it.
Methods you can use:

- Upload the first part of a porn video, where there's no nudity. Write in the description that "Youtube's TOS forbidds us to show you the full movie, but you can download it here for your enjoyment: link" Then make a few empty lines.

- Upload a little movie, about celebs, crash, funny stuff and put a downloadlink into the description where they can download it.

- Make a short video with pictures. For example pics of beautiful girls showing each 3 seconds. Then provide a download link in the desciption where all the pics in the video can be downloaded.

-Upload a funny, or crash video. These are very popular. Put annotations on the video. With the annotations you can advertise your site. You can connect this with the methods above. You make a site with lots of pictures, or videos, then upload a video with download link, and annotations advertising your website.

Don't upload anything copyrighted.

Make money online - very bad title
Make 100 000 $ online - it is better
How i made 100 000$ online - it is even better
How i made 101 437$ online in just 2 weeks - i would say this is the best
Sexy girl - very bad title
Sexy girl stripping - better
Sexy girl stripping for you - even better
Sexy girl stripping in front of a policemen - i would say this is the best

Keep in mind: do not use generic terms or generic numbers for a title, since that would not be credible. Use more exact details and people will pay more attention. Other catchy phrases: Oh my god, THIS is insane, the WORST signer ever, usually demand attention from user. Be sure to include capitalization in your title, but not a full title written in caps letters. Just highlight the most important ones. You can also use misleading titles: For instance you upload a trailer, but say:
“See the FULL movie here” People will enter to see the video like crazy.
Or, lets say you have a simply sexy strip video: You use phrases like the one
mentioned above “Sexy girl stripping in front of a policemen” even if your video may be just a simple strip one. The idea is to make the visitors watch the video.

Of course you can upload to another streaming video sites as well, such as metacafe, dailymotion, google video and there are a lots of others. Or you can get videos from tubes too. If you want porn then check out porntube, redtube, wtfpeople and others. If you need funny or crash videos try machovideo or flurl. But there's a lot you only have to google it.

There are streaming sections at some porn forums. If they allow linkbucks, you can link videos from porn tube sites into the forum with linkbucks or hyperlinkcash.

Tools you can use:

- At this page you can download youtube videos. You only have to copy the url and paste it here. Bookmark it. techcrunch

- With this firefox extension, you can download every kind of streaming video. Use it! download helper

See my uploaded videos on youtube as an example:
Make money with Britney
Girls compilation

If you need help contact me at clash077 (at) gmail d0t c0m.